Pacificon Game Expo 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
September 3-6, 2021

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Historical Miniatures
Sun 2 PM
to 5 PM
(3 hrs)

H-248: The days after Caen 1944 PANZER KORPS Tutorial Game 20mm
Presented by Manny Granillo

Regular signup, room for 4 players (using 2 tables)
Regular Game, New to gaming, Characters/Armies Supplied, Thirteen and older
Location: not yet assigned
Description: The Days after Caen where brutal for the Allies as they faced stiff opposition from the 12 SS Hitler Jugend Division and various remnants of the retreating German Wehrmacht. The Canadian and British forces facing them had a tough mission. This is intended to be an Introduction to PANZER KORPS Divisional Warfare system. Players will receive a complementary copy of the rules.

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