Pacificon Game Expo 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
September 3-6, 2021

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SciFi/Fantasy Miniatures
Sat 10 AM
to 6 PM
(8 hrs)

S-215: Spacer Bill Ugnack's Wacky Races Pt.5: The Scavenger Hunt
Presented by Dennis Seiffert

Full Thrust published by Geo-Hex
Regular signup, room for 6 players
Regular Game, New to gaming, Characters/Armies Supplied, All Ages
Location: not yet assigned
Description: The Scavenger Hunt is Part 5 of Spacer Bill Ugnuck's Wacky Races. This race will test your piloting ability to the max. Dodging floating space debris in order to find the prized "power core". Be faster than the other pilots to earn prestige, money, and salvage some extra "swag" for your ship. Have you always wanted to play a 2D vector space game, then this is the game for you.

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