Pacificon Game Expo 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
September 3-6, 2021

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Board and Card Games
Fri 6 PM
to 11 PM
(5 hrs)

E-190: Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy
Presented by Christopher Larson

Eclipse 2nd edition published by
Regular signup, room for 6 players
Regular Game, General gaming experience, Nothing required, Thirteen and older
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar civilization competing for success. Explore new star systems, research techs, & build spaceships to wage war. There are many paths to victory, so plan your strategy according to your species' strengths and weaknesses, while paying attention to others' endeavors. Second Dawn is a revised & upgraded version of Eclipse, fresh from Kickstarter.

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