Pacificon Game Expo 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
September 3-6, 2021

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Board and Card Games
Fri 4 PM
to 7 PM
(3 hrs)

E-184: Star Trek Catan
Presented by PacifiCon Staff

Catan published by Katan Studio
Regular signup, room for 4 players
Regular Game, General gaming experience, Nothing required, Thirteen and older
Location: not yet assigned
Description: In Star Trek: Catan, players start the game with two small Outposts at the intersection of three planets, with each planet supplying resources based on the result of a dice roll. Players collect and trade these resources – dilithium, tritanium, food, oxygen and water – in order to build Starships, establish more Outposts and Starbases (upgraded Outposts), and acquire Development Cards.

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