Pacificon Game Expo 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
September 3-6, 2021

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Board and Card Games
Sun 6 PM
to 9 PM
(3 hrs)

E-155: Kemet Blood & Sand (or Dwellings of Eldervale/Blood Rage)
Presented by reuben lopez

Kemet Blood & Sand published by Matagot
Regular signup, room for 4 players
Regular Game, Played this game a little, Nothing required, Thirteen and older
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Immerse yourself in a more realistic Ancient Egypt. Here, Gods are powerful, masters of both the desert and the Nile delta. They challenge each other in violent battles and show no mercy. Get ready to become an Egyptian God. THIS IS A DIRECT CONFLICT GAME WHERE YOU AFFECT YOUR OPPONENTS NEGATIVELY. PLAY NICE, BUT PLAY TO WIN

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